Restaurateur David Machado knows who’s in charge of the kitchen

An Interview with chef & restauranteur David Machado

NW Examiner
May 2017
By Chad Walsh

“Restaurateur David Machado will open Tanner Creek Tavern at 875 NW Everett St. this summer. Machado still doesn’t know what the menu will look like, but he’s not sweating it. He said the neighborhood, nearby restaurants and the space itself, will determine what he’ll cook up.

On the rooftop deck of Altabira City Tavern, his Lloyd District restaurant next to the Hotel Eastlund, Machado talked about his 30-plus year career in restaurants.”

David Machado atop Altabira, his Lloyd District restaurant. Photo by Chad Walsh

I think we’re going back to the fundamental food,” Machado said. “We’re anxious as a society. We’re tired. We’re nervous. We’re afraid. So I think we all become a little kid when we’re afraid, so we’ve gotta have some foods that we really like. It makes us feel good, we eat, we go to bed and we feel okay, and so I think society—politics, stressors in society—dictate what the food trends are going to be.

Read Chad Walsh’s full interview here in the NW Examiner. It starts on page 16.

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